What??? I Can't Hear You!!!

One of the things it took me a little while to learn with reading the cards was how to "hear" what they were saying to me. My head is a busy place most of the time, with my own concerns and personal preferenes, my life lessons I have and haven't learned causing distracting issues, and lots of other stuff. Like anyone else, I do have my own ideas of what is and isn't cool so that can also flavor my own personal thoughts.

In order to read cards for others and give the message the Universe has for them untainted by my own "stuff", I've learned to go to a place in my mind where all personal things are quiet. Here's how I learned to do that:

First, I remember that it took what it took to teach me the life lessons I've learned and no amount of judgment or advice shoved at me from outsiders was going to prevent me from learning my own lessons my own way. Sometimes that meant returning to a jerk spouse or partner, sometimes it meant getting stuck in a job I couldn't stand, or even simple things like clothing and hair styles that were conveying all the wrong messages. Any lesson I learned, I learned my own way. That's the way life works and I accept that it's supposed to work like that. Therefore, if I read for somebody who is with a jerk or considering getting with one or back with one but the cards show that's the course they need to take right now, then I can't impose my own prejudices on the issue by saying anything but that. I have to tell what the cards say. It doesn't matter whether that's what the sitter wants to hear, what my own mores would be in the situation, or anything outside of what's before me in the cards.

What if I'm reading for someone who is having an affair with the spouse or committed partner of someone else? What I've learned for myself is that I wouldn't do that. But that doesn't mean my sitter is bound by my moral judgments or even that it would be right if he/she were. Everyone's life path is their own.

I want to add that I don't read the truth in the cards but then hold a negative impression of my sitter, either. I view them with the compassion they deserve. My heart might be heavy with what I've seen in the cards for them, such as advising them that going back into a situation that looks like it's going to be very trying is what the cards say, but I don't judge them for what they've confided in me or what they choose to do next.

The exception is an extremely abusive situation. I still won't judge them for being in it but I do try to intervene by sharing my own experience and directing them to help.

To sum up, the way to hear what the cards are saying is to do whatever it takes to put your own judgments aside. It isn't easy. It can be done, though, if you just spend time on working with your own issues and then allow others to work on their own life issues without your personal judgments about them. Just the information from the cards will come through much more clearly that way.

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