Ummmm----I Dunno

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

It can sometimes feel like this when a reading just doesn't seem to give an answer.

There are times when, during a reading for a client, it seems like we're just sitting in a silent, misty no-man's land, intent on seeing the answer but it's just not there. Have you ever felt this way?

Don't panic. Sometimes we're not meant to answer that particular question for our client. It isn't that we've lost the plot or that we're not a good reader. Sometimes we're just not meant to give the answer.

When we're growing up, our parents or a friend or someone who is close to our lives in some way will give us some advice and we just politely (or maybe not so politely) give a "yeah, yeah, I know" response, brushing them aside. We let it go in one ear and out the other or we just totally reject the advice because it annoys us.

However, given the same advice from someone really special to us we may have the entirely opposite reaction and pay careful heed to the advice, putting it into action in our lives as best we can. We just need to hear it from the right messenger, that's all.

In my experience Tarot and other divination methods work the same way. Sometimes we're just not the messenger who is meant to relay this particular answer because it wouldn't be properly made use of or taken to heart by the client. It will need to come to them through someone else or through a life experience they have to get through in order to get the answer. Don't let this shake your confidence in yourself or make you feel like you've failed your client. You haven't. If you let yourself lose confidence and faith in your abilities, it will set you back needlessly. Just trust the process and you'll learn to calmly take the situation in stride.

So what do we do if this happens? We read the answers about the issue that the cards do reveal, because I've found that the spread will often reveal other aspects of the question even if not one particular aspect. Then what I do is place another card or more (without a re-shuffle) next to the cards that aren't giving me the answer to see if there will at least be something helpful we can glean from that area.

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