Treat Yourself to a Great Reading, Don't Trick Yourself Out of One

Let's face it---readings aren't cheap. So when we plunk our money down, we should get the most for the money that we can. Or even if we're a member of a forum where we can get a card reading in exchange for feedback or another reading in return, we should still do it with an eye to getting the most out of the reading. Readings are things of great value and can help us to direct ourselves to the most rewarding and productive actions to take as we go through our lives.

Here's what many of us do by mistake, however----we think we're going to really grab a whole fistful of information from our reading by asking a question like:

"I want to know what kind of man I'm going to marry and if I'll get divorced and if I get a divorce, who will I marry next and how many kids will we have and what will my last husband's initials be? And how soon will all this happen? Will I get pregnant before the end of this year? Oh, and when and where am I going to meet someone I could date?"

Now, you can probably tell that I've exaggerated this and that I mean it to be humorous, but I've had sitters who ask questions a lot like this one. I do understand the desire----and if you're like me, the outright need----to maximize every penny we spend, and especially on something like a Tarot reading. But if we spread our questions on in thick layers, we won't have a reading that sticks together coherently and covers exactly what we most want or need to know.

Here are some tips to truly get the most bang for the buck from your next Tarot reading:

1. Think it all the way through. Are you looking for a job right now? If you are, and if you're used to meeting most of your social contacts through your work, then asking about how to get a job in a field that will not only allow you to use your skills and interests in the best light will be a better question than asking when you'll meet your next romantic interest. He's probably hanging around at the right job for you just wondering when you're going to ask the ONE right question of your reader so you'll know where to show up.

2. If you're single and don't have a diverse and busy social life, then asking if you'll be pregnant by the end of the year might not be as constructive as if you were to ask a question like "What could I do to increase chances of meeting someone I might be compatible with who wants kids like I do?" Just that single question could be the difference between you and lonely nights in front of a computer screen or meeting somebody really special you might start a family with in time. You might find out within that one reading that not only could you make your life sparkle more and be more interesting, but you might also find a partner you won't ever divorce and you'll live happily with some kids and pets and ride off into the sunset of old age still holding hands and smooching away.

3. If you're lucky enough to be a Tarot and Oracle forum member where you can do exchanges, it's a good thing to also think your questions all the way through on the forum, too. You may not be putting out actual money but your time is worth money and it does take time to give feedback or to do another reading in exchange, so economy is still important. I make lists for myself about almost everything. It might be useful to take a few moments to sit down and write a list of things you'd like to ask of a reader and then just ask one question per reader per exchange, rather than several questions of the same reader or instead of asking the same question of multiple readers. That way the readings are more pin-point on whatever that one single issue is rather than being scattered over several areas and not doing justice to any. Or rather than getting several different answers to the same question so that the issue is finally so fuzzy that there's no clear answer visible which is what happens when we ask the same question of multiple readers.

So treat yourself---don't trick yourself---and have a Happy Halloween!

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