I Specialize in Relationship Readings

I think every reader has their own preference for what type of questions they prefer from their clients. I personally specialize in doing relationship readings. There's always something of pressing concern for most people about their relationships with others, whether it be with family members, friends, romantic interests, business or other relationships. I find the cards will reveal very pertinent and vital information about these things and I feel privileged to be trusted with information so personal to a client.

The most common relationship area I'm asked to read for is in romantic relationships. Nothing wrong with that! In our adolescent and more mature lives, romantic relationships play a big part. Partly it's the flow of hormones goading us on but it's also the desire to have one special person with whom we can share intimacy of all kinds and feel this is the "other half" of ourselves. In our search for the "right one" we make mistakes or our partner just grows in a different direction. Sometimes it's not our partner but ourself who grows in that different direction. When this happens, then the need to explore who, what, why, where, when and how this departure occurred becomes of vital interest to one or both partners. That's perfectly understandable and the cards will have the answers. I'm honored to be the trusted consultant of the cards to look into the issues and try to find answers.

I don't have rules as to how often I'll read about any certain issue. I see the logic of other readers preferring not to read on the same subject too soon after asking a particular question, but I've found that if there's no new answer, then the cards will indicate that. Sometimes change occurs swiftly, though, and if it does the cards will indicate that as well. If the cards indicate there's been no change, then I work with the sitter to explore another aspect of the relationship that could bring clarity and some guiding information going forward until some sort of change does occur.

In short, relationship readings are always welcomed at my table and I appreciate all my clients who come to me with those inquiries. I'm honored to help them consult the cards for answers.

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