Hush Tarot

Jeremy Hush has created this beautiful new deck which I'd classify as delicately dark fantasy in theme. I see a memento mori philosophy suggested in these images. The skulls he painted on many of the cards are quite subtle and such a clever incorporation that there's no evil foreshadowing or shock value here. Just a subtle reminder that death is as much a part of life as life itself and should be accepted rather than feared or avoided.

I'm sure some are wondering if this would be a good deck for a Tarot newcomer. My personal advice would be to learn with Rider Waite before tackling this one, but if you're a newcomer for whom this deck holds an allure, by all means buy a copy soon. If the deck ever goes out of print like most eventually do, then getting a copy later on could very well be prohibitively expensive, so better to get one now while it's in print and you can put it away for later when you have the Rider Waite basics down pat.

Hush Tarot is packaged in a very sturdy box with a removable top which is handy for storage if you don't choose to put it in a bag. The box would stand up well to being carried in a backpack or purse without the lid being likely to come off. The card stock is thin but very sturdy and the edges don't flake from shuffling. I've shuffled quite a lot since the deck arrived and there's been absolutely no flaking. The stock is a lightly matte finish. Not totally shiny but not a rough linen-like finish either. The backs are reversible. The deck is slightly shorter and wider than Rider Waite but not as large as, say, the Bonefire. The publisher is US Games and the deck is made in China.

There's a booklet inside the box with the deck the same size as the cards. The meanings given to each card is not the standard Rider Waite meaning, but some are similar in some respects. The creator of the deck has his own interpretations and insights that I find very interesting and appropriate. He gives both upright and reversed meanings for each card.

This deck is already a favorite of mine and will definitely be a working deck in my Tarot practice. I look forward to reading for clients with it and expect it to give me long years of reliable service without wearing out or becoming "ho hum".

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