The gallery is under construction. Please check back later. Below are some items I've offered for sale in the past to give you an idea of the sort of things you'll see here once I've finished stocking the gallery. These items are not for sale at this time. They're just examples of my work.

bags cougar and lynx.jpg
secure purse strap.jpg

This purse is all made by hand from elk hide. The smaller case is as well. Both are trimmed with lynx fur and with cougar toe bone closures. I've included a close-up of the way I secure straps to my bags in order to prevent the straps from ever coming loose.  Nothing is done by machine. I even hand cut the fringe for bags.

choker 3.jpg
boop jeans bag.jpg

This choker was my first project using beaded fringe. It's mounted on black buckskin with an adjustable tie in the back to fit all sizes. It was a fun project that my grand-daughter, who is the model, really loved and probably still has.

The simple little bag to the right is made from a denim jeans leg. I beaded the Betty Boop on my loom and crocheted the strap myself. It's quite roomy and very sturdy. This one was also a gift to my grand-daughter but I work with denim a lot and will be posting bags of many kinds soon.

lilijah bag 2.JPG
fbc purse detail.JPG

This bag was made for a friend. It's made of black deer hide with a lynx tail on the side and a cougar tooth closure.  All the stitching, cutting of the hand tied fringe, and beadwork were done by hand. I designed this one in a size that could be worn on a belt if desired, but it could also have been made with a shoulder strap if the owner desired.

fbc purse.JPG

I made this purse from black deer hide. The strap is made of glass crow beads and black bone hairpipes. The beadwork is a design I modified from another design I had and is done on a loom.