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I'm retired and I'm spending my "golden years" without enough gold, so I've created this website with the idea that might use parts of it to earn enough money to continue to live independently.

 I've moved so many times over the years, each time vowing I'd never move again only to have to move again anyway.  Now I  live in a roomy RV and I'm taking it with me if I have to go again.  This is I live, read cards, paint, write and do beadwork, enjoying the secluded setting surrounded by Oregon's old growth  national forest.

I took the RV photo the first day it arrived here in this beautiful RV park. The RV is the Tippy Tea House. (I'll bet you guessed that already.)  As time goes on, I'll be posting more pictures of my surroundings here, the paintings and other items I've made and odds and ends of what I hope my customers may be interested in on other pages of the website. My intention is to include  and entertain my online friends and customers. Whether they're just browsing, seeking a reading or looking through the items I have for sale, I hope it will be enjoyable for them .

I've just begun the website so there will be changes and re-arranging and polishing going on for awhile. I'm very proud of myself that I've managed to get this far all by myself in creating this website. I'm notorious for making even the simplest things harder than they really are and this site was no exception ​to begin with. I started it in December and even with the help of a sweet friend I still didn't get the gist of it for months and I almost gave up.

Contact me any time with questions using the contact form on the first page. f you notice some kind of raggedy edges here and there, just check again another time and I'll have done some work tidying up. L

Last but surely not least---I have the nifty little chat box in the lower right corner on all pages if you should want to contact me that way to have your reading in real time or to just chat with me for awhile.