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 Hello there!  People call me Grizabella online. My real name is Ellen. I live surrounded by the 1,678,037-acre Willamette National Forest. I've created this website to reflect the sort of images I see out my windows every day. It's beautiful here and I love to share the beauty. 

To give you an idea of who I am and what I do: I have many pastimes. I tell old-fashioned fortunes, make purses, small bags, moccasins, beaded barrettes, jewelry, handmade character dolls and various other things. I also paint with oils and watercolors and make things for children which include games, dolls and other toys. In coming weeks and months, many of these things will appear in these  pages. This website is new, so there's a lot yet to be put on display.

Although I do charge money, I also barter for ordinary things so don't be afraid to barter and haggle. Especially right now when so many are struggling with high unemployment and the covid restrictions, bartering is very helpful for all of us.  I'm always willing to consider all or part trade.  It's a way of life I embrace and at this time in my life, it makes perfect sense even when times aren't as tough as they've been this past year. It's also a way of helping others to have things they want or need even if they don't have the money to spend but do have items they want to barter with.

To contact me, use the form below. If you aren't enquiring about a reading, just leave that line blank and use the box that says "write your request".